AGM Minutes 2012

Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust

Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 17th October 2012

7.00 p.m. at the Student Centre

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology


Trustees:  David Butler, Derek Shaw, Alastair Wiffen, John Hambleton, Dave Leadbetter, Eugene Crowe and Jane Peterson.

Staff:  Hudson Dodd (General Manager), Rick Field (Project Coordinator), Raeonie Thompson(Membership Administrator), Naina Mahto (Finance Administrator) and Alison McLeish (Minutes Secretary).

Members:  Richard Boyden, Tom Brett, Pam and Fred Stade, Don Sullivan, Jane Stevens, Roger Williams, Chris and Jo Ecroyd, Doug Frost, Dianna Hambleton, Brian Brasell, Grace Sutherland, Tony Steenhart, Ian Price, Mike Murphy, Katherine Chamberlain, Mark Ellery, Neil Page, Jan Hewton, Don MacLennan, Graeme and Cherie Palmer, Diane and Holly Chandler, Ian Catto, Joan Lees, Earle Norris, Yvonne Kyle, Mark and Valerie Fuller, Mike McConchie, Andrew and Heather Thompson, Keith Marshall, Dick and Babbie Joyce, Val Latimer, Peter and Claire Williams, Dawn Ganthier,  Richard Owen, Pam Pope, Lionel Solly, Dawn Ganthier, Diana Hambleton, Rod White, Philip Coote, Cathy Vaughan, Rosie Potter, Chris Skinner, Joan Skull, Neil and Shelley Johnstone, Stuart Slack, Fred Greig, Wayne Hennessy, John Moody, Dan Random, Tony Stephens, Nick Dalgety, Connie Charlton, Richard Oswald, Phoebe van der Pol, Allen and Phyllis Knott, Ann Love, John Diaper, David Palmer and Peter Hay.


Terry Horne, Rod Witte, Chris Hemi, Kura Stafford, Bob and Val Chittenden,Lois Diaper,Pat Holland, Hon. Dr. Nick Smith, Marina, Gary and Liam Willis, Don Pittham, Ngaire Hands, Lena and Laurie Metcalf, Jane Lambert, Allen Anderson, Barry Doig, Alison and Jim Roxburgh, David Kerr, John Campbell and Karen Driver.

Welcome and Introductions

BWST Chairman, Dave Butler welcomed all attendees to the AGM and introduced Trustees and staff members to the meeting. 

Documents available to the meeting were the Minutes of the 2010 AGM, Chairman’s Annual Report and Statement of Annual Accounts.


Dave Butler welcomed members to the AGM and emphasised that this had been a very significant year, with the Trust now poised for the final push to complete the Sanctuary’s development.

Dave Butler then spoke to his written report, highlighting the following points:

Inside the Sanctuary

•   The operational track network has been developed with more now open to the public.

•   The trapper’s efforts have had a big impact, with noticeable more birds appearing in Nelson gardens.  There are now very few stoats and weasels, but rats and possums are still a problem.

•   Bird monitoring continuing to provide important data.

•   Funding has been secured to construct a pedestrian bridge to complete the valley floor loop track.

•   The education programme continues to grow, led by Rick Field.

•   A significant milestone was the appointment of Hudson Dodd as General Manager.

•   An independent Feasibility Study commissioned by the Trust has endorsed the project.

•   Two new Trustees, John Hambleton and Jane Peterson, have added further business and legal expertise to the Board.

•   Over 100 new members have joined this year.

•   The new database is in its final testing phase.

Fund Raising

•   The benefits of the fundraising foundation work over the last year are now being seen.

•   Dave Butler wished to acknowledge Hudson Dodd’s leadership in this area and also the contribution made by David Kerr, Business Development Advisor.

•   A clear fundraising strategy is now in place to achieve the target to start the fence building in 2013.

Why a fence?

•   Dave Butler reiterated the Trust’s view that a fence is the key to a pest-free site, enabling bird life to be brought back to this part of the Top of the South.

Board changes

•   NMIT no longer has a Trustee representative on the Board.  An MOU is being prepared to link the Board with NMIT staff involved in many different programmes.

•   Kura Stafford was thanked for her involvement as the Trustee who represented Tiakina te Taiao. She has stepped down from the Board but liaison continues with the iwi both through their  Board and individual trusts.


•   Dave Butler asked the meeting to remember several wonderful members lost this year,  he wished in particular to acknowledge the passing of Ann Sheridan, Melvyn Marks and Helen Arthur.


•   Dave Butler paid special thanks to all those who had contributed to the Sanctuary over the past year, including the voluntary Trustees, dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic staff.

•   Marina and Gary Wills have moved to Christchurch and Dave wished them well for the future.

•   Dave acknowledged that the companionship of the members and volunteers make the sanctuary.

•   NCC, TDC, NMIT and DOC remain steadfast in their support.

•   New businesses and individual sponsors are adding their support to the fundraising effort.

The Year Ahead

•   The year ahead promises to bring all our efforts to fruition.

•   ‘Together we are strong and committed.  It is time!’


•   Rick Field announced that yesterday he saw a rifleman’s nest in the Sanctuary.

•   Rick thanked the sponsors of this competition who were Nelson City Cameras, Craig Potton Publishing, Nelson Camera Club and Jean Paul Pochin.

•   The judges were Craig Potton, Chris Hubbard and  Don Pittham.  Simon Burge of Nelson City cameras who was on hand to help present the prizes.

The winners were:

•   Primary/intermediate category

1st   Calista Mead

2nd  Quinn Chisholm

3rd  Nicholas Corry

•   Secondary School category

1st   Connor Higgs

2nd  Connor Higgs

3rd  Holly Chandler

•   Open category

1st   Cherie Palmer

2nd  Cherie Palmer

3rd   Barry Doig

The winning photographs will be displayed for the month of November at Nelson City Cameras, then at the Sanctuary visitor centre and website.


The Minutes of the 2011 AGM had been made available to members on line; additionally printed copies were available at the meeting.  It was proposed that the Minutes be approved as read.

Moved :  Derek Shaw                          Seconded:  Alastair Wiffen                             CARRIED


•   The Minutes had indicated that an Annual Report would be produced last year.  This was delayed but will be ready shortly after this year’s AGM.


Annual Accounts and Supporting Statements for the year ended 30h June 2012 were presented by Eugene Crowe, Treasurer.

Dave Butler introduced Eugene Crowe as the Trust’s new Treasurer who then spoke to the annual accounts document, copies of which were available to members.

•   Thanks were given to Richards Woodhouse for their help with setting up and auditing the accounts without charge.

•   Page 4 showed the Trust was in a sound financial position. 

Balance Sheet  -  Total assets  $840,477

Income Statement  -  Total income $231,954

•   Eugene explained to the meeting that the deficit of almost $55K shown on page 6 of the report, resulted from 3 major items which the auditors included, being:  Depreciation - $16K, Feasibility Study cost - $34K and Conservation Plan Report - $8K.  The latter two expenses had been budgeted under ‘Capital’, but the auditors moved these to ‘Operations’.

•   The cash balance is greater than last year and ‘things are looking good’.

Nick Dalgety asked if there was a budget for next year in place?

Eugene Crowe replied that there was an approved budget similar to last year’s, for a break even outcome, stressing that the Trust would not commit to expenditure, unless the money was already available.

Motion- ‘that the Chairman’s Report and Financial Report be accepted’.

Moved: Dave Leadbetter                     Seconded: Babbie Joyce                                 CARRIED


Renewal of three year Trustee term

•   Two representative Trustees Chris Hemi of Ngati Kuia iwi and Rod Witte of DOC are both willing to stand for a further term. 

The Chairman asked the meeting to endorse those Trustees re-election.                              

Moved:  Dave Butler                          Seconded:  Eugene Crowe                              CARRIED


•   There is one vacancy on the Board at present and Dave Butler invited nominations from members  at the AGM.  No nominations were forthcoming at the meeting. Members will be emailed after this meeting for nominations particularly from anyone with marketing/fundraising expertise.

Election of Officers

•   The Chair and Treasurer can be appointed through the Board.

The business of the AGM ended at 7.35 p.m.

Hudson Dodd, General Managerintroduced his talk with an illustrated presentation of his previous work for wildlife protection in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and British Columbia, Canada.

Hudson then went on to talk of his vision for the Sanctuary including the present state of the Trust and the plans for its future development.

The meeting ended at 8.45 p.m.