Why build a pest-proof fence?

  • We have a major biodiversity crisis on our hands due to introduced pest species. Over 75% of New Zealand’s native bird species have already been lost forever.
  • Even with the best in trapping, hunting and toxin technology combined with massive volunteer time and effort, species will continue to decline and disappear from the Top of the South and from New Zealand as a whole… because without a defined barrier to keep pest species out a pest control programme cannot achieve full eradication.
  • Many of our rarest and most iconic native species are so vulnerable to mammals that even a small number of rats, stoats, or possums can decimate a local population of rowi kiwi, saddlebacks (tieke), or yellowheads (mohua).
  • A fence is the only option to stop the decline of natives in its tracks and allow the ecosystem to be restored with all the remaining native species.