• We are only months away from realising our vision to see native wildlife restored to the region in a protected sanctuary. In order to allow rare NZ native wildlife to be reintroduced and then thrive within the sanctuary, introduced pest mammals need to be removed. more

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  • Originally aired on This Way Up, Saturday 15 August 2015

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  • Pest management has been active in the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary site since 2006. The ‘Mainland Island’ concept of using trapping and poisoning strategies can be effective only in managing pest populations. Eradicating pests entirely and keeping them out of an ecosytem can only be achieved on an off shore island or with a pest-proof fence. We are only using trapping to control the pests in the Brook

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  • Matt Kavermann at Lincoln University became intrigued by the idea that noise might attract animals, and he plays Alison Ballance from Radio NZ the sounds he came up with.

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  • The latest graph produced summarises all our trap catches, totaling over 6000 entries by volunteer trappers into our trapping database.

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